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Q. Who is Tavistock Development Company?

Tavistock Development Company is a diversified real estate firm owned by Tavistock Group specializing in planning, design, finance, construction and development of groundbreaking projects. Tavistock Development Company’s real estate portfolio is highlighted by the 17-square-mile, master-planned community Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida, as well as The Green at Lakewood Ranch, Sunbridge and The Grove in Windermere.

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Q. Who is Tavistock Group?

Tavistock Group is an international private investment organization founded by Joe Lewis. With investments in more than 200 hundred companies across 10 countries, Tavistock Group’s investment portfolio includes: life sciences, sports teams and sporting events, manufacturing and distribution, oil, gas and energy, financial services, restaurants, commercial properties, private luxury residential properties, resort properties and master-planned real estate developments. 

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Q. Why/when did Tavistock Development Company purchase Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina?

Tavistock purchased Pier Sixty-Six in December 2016 and subsequently purchased the neighboring property, formerly known as the Sails Hotel Marina & Shops site in July 2017. Our portfolio of real estate projects each share a common thread: they are unique and iconic to the destination. We saw Pier Sixty-Six as exactly this type of opportunity in Fort Lauderdale and are excited for the future reimagination of the property.

Q. What is Tavistock’s plan for the redevelopment of Pier Sixty-Six?

Tavistock intends to reimagine Pier Sixty-Six as Fort Lauderdale’s social harbor, while maintaining the property as one of the top marinas in the world. Our guests will enjoy an experience emphasizing discovery and relaxation. The world-class design team understands the sense of place Pier Sixty-Six has in the Fort Lauderdale community, and we will celebrate that history.

Q. Does Tavistock have experience managing/building a project this large?

Tavistock builds enduring, cornerstone projects, and working on this scale is very comfortable to us. With a history rooted in hospitality, Tavistock Group’s investments today include several noted hotels, resorts and restaurants worldwide. From Albany in the Bahamas, a 600-acre luxury resort community jointly owned with Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, and the St. Regis Atlanta, recognized as one of the “world’s top 100 properties,” to the Tavistock Restaurant Collection and Mitchells & Butlers, Tavistock’s name is already synonymous with iconic destinations and world-class experiences.

Q. What are the next steps for the project?

Tavistock's development team is continuing to work on design plans for the first phase of development, which includes the northeast portion of the property, on the north side of 17th Street, where the existing hotel property sits today. The first priority is to get our storied hotel restored and rejuvenated as quickly as possible so that it can once again become the social harbor of Fort Lauderdale. The Tower sustained significant damage from Hurricane Irma last fall, and since that time all of the 150 hotel rooms have been closed. Restoring and reopening the hotel is priority number one. Tavistock submitted its first site plans in October 2018. As we work through the plans, we will continue community outreach and discussions and welcome feedback on this important community project.

Q. What is the renovation timeline for Pier Sixty-Six?

Tavistock is currently working with the City of Fort Lauderdale, as well as the local community, to secure the necessary approvals to move forward with construction, which could begin in 2019.  The renovation of the hotel is anticipated to last two years.

Q. What does the approved Development Agreement mean for the project, and how does it benefit the City and its residents?

The Development Agreement is a long-term commitment that sets forth overarching intentions to harmonize the two properties on both sides of 17th Street Causeway as one. It provides Tavistock the opportunity to create a unified vision, creating something with a consistent design aesthetic that everyone can be proud of.  

The Agreement also specifically creates a linkage between the existing Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina property on the north side of 17th Street and the ‘Sails’ marina site on the south side via a public access waterfront Marina Promenade. In addition, Tavistock will restore and then historically designate the Tower – protecting one of the City’s most iconic structures.

It is also important to note that the Agreement does not circumvent traditional building application processes, but rather adds a new layer at the onset that will ensure the integrity and holistic development of this significant project.

Q. Are you planning to preserve the hotel tower?

The main tower is iconic to Fort Lauderdale and will remain that way. We intend to preserve the integrity of the hotel tower, and reopen the Pier Top to the public.

Q. What is the renovation timeline for Pier Sixty-Six?

Tavistock submitted its first site plans in October 2018. We are scheduled to appear at the May 15, 2019 Planning and Zoning Board Meeting. In anticipation of approvals, Pier Sixty-Six hotel will temporarily close on June 10, 2019 to allow for the redevelopment, which is scheduled to take approximately two years to complete. The Marina, Pelican Landing and Grille 66 will remain open throughout the project.

Q. What approved entitlements does Pier Sixty-Six have on both its north and south properties?

In addition to the existing hotel and marina, Pier Sixty-Six has approved entitlements - from previous owners - to develop the north property with the development of two 11-story condominium towers consisting of 58 residential units, a 29,000 SF office/retail building, and two parking garages. 

On the south side of 17th Street, formerly known as the Sails property, the parcel also has approved entitlements - from previous owners - that include the development of a 350-room hotel, 15,500 SF of retail, 14,400 SF of office, three restaurants of 3,900 SF each, two lounges/bars of 1,000 SF each, 16,100 SF of meeting space, 150 dry storage boat slips, 2,000 linear feet of dockage/marina, a 12,200 SF fitness/spa facility and 755 parking spaces. 

Tavistock does not intend to develop either of these old plans, as we want to start with a blank slate and plan what we believe is a better, more holistic, mixed-use plan.

Q: Is Tavistock going to have full control over access to the Marina Promenade?

Absolutely not. We will work collaboratively with the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Fort Lauderdale to create a publicly accessible pedestrian promenade under the 17th Street Causeway bridge to unify the properties on the north and south. The land is owned by the Florida Department of Transportation and leased to the City of Fort Lauderdale. While the Promenade would be privately funded and managed it would be open to the public to enjoy from dusk to dawn every day.

Q: Before submitting site plans to the City, will Tavistock have conversations with the community regarding design of the property?

Tavistock sincerely understands the significance of this project and will continue to work transparently to create something we can all be proud of. To that end, we will continue to have meaningful conversations with the community and will keep our project website,, updated with key project documents, renderings and contact information.

Q. Has a permit has been filed to restore the balconies, and what will the balconies look like?

The Tower is a prime example of the region’s mid-century modern architecture. We will be updating the balconies to celebrate this aesthetic, improving guest sight lines by installing glass to the existing balconies where views were previously blocked by solid concrete. The application is pending review with the City of Fort Lauderdale now, and if approved, plans for renovation would not begin until the hotel begins its larger renovation.

Q. Tavistock recently submitted a special event application for a temporary venue on the Pier South site. What are the company’s plans?

Tavistock wants to create a beautiful temporary waterfront venue for the community to enjoy on the Pier South site while we work to reimagine Pier Sixty-Six. The venue will embody the ‘social harbor’ environment we are hoping to achieve with our long-term plans, including food and beverage outlets, and scheduled events from children’s activities and farmers markets to local artist displays and musical performances. A special event permit has been approved by the City of Fort Lauderdale, however final design plans are still being contemplated.

Q. Will Pier Sixty-Six join the Tavistock Hotel Collection?

Tavistock intends to reimagine the iconic property as the City’s social harbor and ultimately for it to become a defining destination within its newly created Hotel Collection.