Following recent updates regarding Tavistock’s plans for the existing Pier Sixty-Six Hotel on the north side of 17th Street, Tavistock also excited to share plans for the future of the vacant lot south of 17th Street. In an effort to activate the space temporarily while we work toward permanent plans, Tavistock is pursuing approvals to create a dynamic waterfront venue that could be open as early as fall 2019.

Pier Sixty-Six South will be a waterfront indoor-outdoor recreational venue with an evolving weekly program that will include happy hour and brunch in addition to community programming with activities for the entire family from farmers markets to local artist displays and musical performances. The venue would also be available to reserve for private gatherings and events.

While temporary in nature, the intent of this project is to build something that can last for several years as we continue to develop a thoughtful, long-term plan for the full property. This interim plan reflects a significant multi-million-dollar investment and one that we believe is the best possible short-term use for the site – activating a rare waterfront location and opening it up for the public to enjoy. While temporary, this project will exemplify, like all Tavistock projects, the highest quality and excellence.


Hours of operation are not final yet, but the space will not operate past midnight. Tavistock will also hire a sound mitigation specialist to ensure the sound stays within City code. Additionally, Tavistock is adding a pedestrian entrance along Harbor Inlet Drive to allow for foot traffic, bikes, dog walks, and golf cart access to the site. Thanks to the neighboring residents for coming to our community meetings to share feedback on the plans. We look forward to working together to develop this special place so that it becomes something the community can enjoy.

For more information about the South Special Event Agreements with the City of Fort Lauderdale, please see below: